About Us

about us

Indulge yourself in A Spice Affair’s exclusive collection of spices, herbs and seasonings as well as its organic ancient grains. Healthy, non-GMO, clean & filler-free, 100% natural are just some of its attractive features. Say yes to the flavour of exoticism, to the incomparable taste of pleasure. Tantalize your taste buds and dare to fall in love! Proudly made in Montreal in a HACCP & SQF certified facility, delivering freshness, quality & safety, the whole compromise-free.

Bring some spice into your life! A Spice Affair’s exclusive blends are now available online and will be shipped right at your doorstep!

A Spice Affair … a true love affair.

I can sit here for hours and describe the extraordinary sensations that I’ve lived… the thousand and one moments of pure joy that we have been experiencing together, a life forever changed since we’ve met.

To describe this exotic charm and outstanding generosity is beyond me, a secret unfolding in various forms and shapes.

To explain the strong, almost primal attraction I felt at first sight.

To tell tales of adventures and escapades while we cross continents and oceans as one, without ever stepping out of my home.

To illuminate your world with passion as I go on describing this pleasurable explosion, a chemistry that has definitely transformed my life.

To immerse yourself in the subtleties of these unique flavors, savory odors, sometimes tender, sometimes intense, but always delectable and deep, full of stories and mysteries.

A new world is now upon me, inspiring me to exploit my ideas and creative impulses. I never thought I would find such pleasure in A Spice Affair. I could elaborate for hours, days, months, but I’ll simply stick to one advice: taste!

Taste it now!